On the Benefits of Traffic “Reprofiling” The Single Hop Case

Henry Sariowan
Jiaming Qiu
Jiayi Song
Roch Guerin
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking(2024)


Datacenters have become a significant source of traffic, much of which is carried over private networks. The operators of those networks commonly have access to detailed traffic profiles and performance goals, which they seek to meet as efficiently as possible. Of interest are solutions that guarantee latency while minimizing network bandwidth. The paper explores a basic building block towards realizing such solutions, namely, a single hop configuration. The main results are in the form of optimal solutions for meeting local deadlines under schedulers of varying complexity and therefore cost. The results demonstrate how judiciously modifying flows’ traffic profiles, i.e., reprofiling them, can help simple schedulers reduce the bandwidth they require, often performing nearly as well as more complex ones.

Research Areas