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Model-based Optimization of Superconducting Qubit Readout

Alex Opremcak
Alexandre Bourassa
Alexander Korotkov
Jimmy Chen
Physical Review Letters, vol. 132 (2024), pp. 100603


Measurement is one of the essential components of quantum algorithms, and for superconducting qubits it is often the most error prone. Here, we demonstrate a model-based readout optimization achieving low measurement errors while avoiding detrimental side-effects. For simultaneous and mid-circuit measurements across 17 qubits we observe 1.5% error per qubit with a duration of 500 ns end-to-end and minimal excess reset error from residual resonator photons. We also suppress measurement-induced state transitions and achieve a qubit leakage rate limited by natural heating.This technique can scale to hundreds of qubits, and be used to enhance performance of error-correcting codes as well as near-term applications

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