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Evaluating Gamut Coverage Metrics for ICC Color Profiles

Noel Phillip Gordon
International Journal of Chaotic Computing (IJCC), vol. 4 (2017), pp. 5
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Abstract The color handling characteristics of computer monitors and other display devices can significantly alter the way an image is perceived by the human eye. Modern cameras and software applications can create vibrant color scenes, and can specify the color range (or gamut) of the scene with an embedded ICC profile [1]. During presentation, differences in the color gamut of the image and the display device require color management, to help preserve the color fidelity of the image when shown on different displays. Measurements of the color characteristics of display devices is thus a topic of interest. This paper evaluates the ability of gamut measures, including those commonly used in industry, to classify display gamuts using a user-contributed dataset of ICC display color profiles, and recommends the use of relative metrics for gamut comparison tasks. Authors Radu Velea, radu.velea@mta.ro Noel Gordon, noel@chromium.org

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