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Differentially Private Learning of Geometric Concepts

Haim Kaplan
Yishay Mansour
SIAM J. Comput., vol. 51(4) (2022), pp. 952-974


We present efficient differentially private algorithms for learning unions of polygons in the plane (which are not necessarily convex). Our algorithms are $(\alpha,\beta)$--probably approximately correct and $(\varepsilon,\delta)$--differentially private using a sample of size $\tilde{O}\left(\frac{1}{\alpha\varepsilon}k\log d\right)$, where the domain is $[d]\times[d]$ and $k$ is the number of edges in the union of polygons. Our algorithms are obtained by designing a private variant of the classical (nonprivate) learner for conjunctions using the greedy algorithm for set cover.