DC Proposal: Enriching Unstructured Media Content About Events to Enable Semi-Automated Summaries, Compilations, and Improved Search by Leveraging Social Networks

The 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011)


Mobile devices like smartphones together with social networks enable people to generate, share, and consume enormous amounts of media content. Common search operations, for example searching for a music clip based on artist name and song title on video platforms such as YouTube, can be achieved both based on potentially shallow human-generated metadata, or based on more profound content analysis, driven by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). However, more advanced use cases, such as summaries or compilations of several pieces of media content covering a certain event, are hard, if not impossible to fulfill at large scale. One example of such event can be a keynote speech held at a conference, where, given a stable network connection, media content is published on social networks while the event is still going on. In our thesis, we develop a framework for media content processing, leveraging social networks, utilizing the Web of Data and fine-grained media content addressing schemes like Media Fragments URIs to provide a scalable and sophisticated solution to realize the above use cases: media content summaries and compilations. We evaluate our approach on the entity level against social media platform APIs in conjunction with Linked (Open) Data sources, comparing the current manual approaches against our semi-automated approach. Our proposed framework can be used as an extension for existing video platforms.