Adversarial Autoencoders

Alireza Makhzani
Jonathon Shlens
Navdeep Jaitly
Ian Goodfellow
International Conference on Learning Representations(2016)


In this paper we propose a new method for regularizing autoencoders by imposing an arbitrary prior on the latent representation of the autoencoder. Our method, named "adversarial autoencoder", uses the recently proposed generative adversarial networks (GAN) in order to match the aggregated posterior of the hidden code vector of the autoencoder with an arbitrary prior. Matching the aggregated posterior to the prior ensures that there are no "holes" in the prior, and generating from any part of prior space results in meaningful samples. As a result, the decoder of the adversarial autoencoder learns a deep generative model that maps the imposed prior to the data distribution. We show how adversarial autoencoders can be used to disentangle style and content of images and achieve competitive generative performance on MNIST, Street View House Numbers and Toronto Face datasets.