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    Tablets use in emerging markets: an exploration.
    Laura Garcia-Barrio
    Lidia Oshlyansky
    Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services (MobileHCI '13), ACM, New York, USA(2013), pp. 594-599
    Preview abstract Tablet sales are growing worldwide and changing the landscape of personal computing. This is true across mature markets as well as emerging ones. However, little research has been done on the influence of tablets in the emerging markets. This paper presents insights gained during an exploratory study on the use of tablets in four cities: Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Jakarta and Bangalore. The results uncover similarities and differences in the use of tablets in mature markets versus emerging markets and identify implications for design across markets. View details
    Globicomp - doing ubicomp differently: introduction to the special issue.
    Gary Marsden
    Matt Jones
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 15(2011), pp. 551-552
    Workshop on coupled display visual interfaces
    Alan J. Dix
    Aaron J. Quigley
    Sriram Subramanian
    AVI(2010), pp. 408-410
    Cloudroom: a conceptual model for managing data in space and time
    Kátia Serralheiro
    Thomas Lang
    Martin Richartz
    CHI Extended Abstracts(2010), pp. 3277-3282
    Labeling large displays for interaction with mobile devices: recognition of symbols for pairing techniques
    Umer Rashid
    Aaron J. Quigley
    AVI(2010), pp. 417
    Elastic mobility: stretching interaction
    Thomas Lang
    Bernhard Lehner
    Mobile HCI(2009)
    A taxonomy for and analysis of multi-person-display ecosystems
    Aaron J. Quigley
    Alan J. Dix
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 13(2009), pp. 583-598
    Physical handles at the interactive surface: exploring tangibility and its benefits
    David S. Kirk
    Hendrik Richter
    Sebastian Krämer
    Otmar Hilliges
    Andreas Butz
    AVI(2008), pp. 138-145
    A Novel Conceptual Model for Accessing Distributed Data and Applications, as well as Devices
    Thomas Lang
    GI Jahrestagung (1)(2008), pp. 291-292
    Methods and guidelines for the design and development of domestic ubiquitous computing applications
    Albrecht Schmidt
    Paul Holleis
    Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 3(2007), pp. 721-738
    Affordances for manipulation of physical versus digital media on interactive surfaces
    David S. Kirk
    Abigail Sellen
    Shahram Izadi
    CHI(2007), pp. 1157-1166
    Designing hybrid interaction through an understanding of the affordances of physical and digital technologies
    Creativity & Cognition(2007), pp. 301
    CSCL at Home: Affordances and Challenges of Ubiquitous Computing
    Armin Prosch
    HCI (6)(2007), pp. 228-237
    Kitchen stories: sharing recipes with the Living Cookbook
    Otmar Hilliges
    Andreas Butz
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 11(2007), pp. 409-414
    Methods and Guidelines for the Design and Development of Domestic Ubiquitous Computing Applications
    Albrecht Schmidt
    PerCom(2007), pp. 97-107
    Designing for collaborative creative problem solving
    Otmar Hilliges
    Sebastian Boring
    David Kim
    Hendrik Richter
    Andreas Butz
    Creativity & Cognition(2007), pp. 137-146
    Sticky, smelly, smoky context: experience design in the kitchen
    CAI(2006), pp. 49-52
    Methods and guidelines for the design and development of domestic ubiquitous computing applications
    Albrecht Schmidt
    SAC(2006), pp. 1928-1929
    A cube to learn: a tangible user interface for the design of a learning appliance
    Matthias Kranz
    Paul Holleis
    Albrecht Schmidt
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 10(2006), pp. 153-158
    Information visualization and interaction techniques for collaboration across multiple displays
    Richard May
    Patrick Baudisch
    Wendy E. Mackay
    Fabio Paternò
    Jim Thomas
    Mark Billinghurst
    CHI Extended Abstracts(2006), pp. 1643-1646
    MODIE 2006: modeling and designing user assistance in intelligent environments
    Christoph Stahl
    Helder Pinto
    Thomas Pederson
    Michael Schmitz
    Mobile HCI(2006), pp. 297-298
    The EnLighTable: Design of Affordances to Support Collaborative Creativity
    Torsten Fritsche
    Andreas Butz
    Smart Graphics(2006), pp. 206-217
    Design of Affordances for Direct Manipulation of Digital Information in Ubiquitous Computing Scenarios
    Smart Graphics(2005), pp. 198-205
    The physical user interface profile (PUIP): modelling mobile interactions with the real world
    Enrico Rukzio
    Andreas Pleuß
    TAMODIA(2005), pp. 95-102
    Mobile HCI 2004: Experience and Reflection
    Giovanni Iachello
    IEEE Pervasive Computing, 4(2005), pp. 88-91
    Interaction Design for CSCL in Ubiquitous Computing
    Carla Valle
    Giorgio De Michelis
    Mobile HCI(2004), pp. 523-524
    Mobile Collector for Field Trips
    Milos Kravcik
    Andreas Kaibel
    Marcus Specht
    Educational Technology & Society, 7(2004), pp. 25-33
    Design of an Interface for Technology Supported Collaborative Learning ? The RAFT Approach
    Marcus Specht
    Moritz Stefaner
    ICEC(2004), pp. 522-525
    Tailored audio augmented environments for museums
    Andreas Zimmermann
    IUI(2004), pp. 334-336
    Designing Audio-Augmented Environments
    Andreas Zimmermann
    IWUC(2004), pp. 113-118
    Collecting Data on Field Trips - RAFT Approach
    Milos Kravcik
    Marcus Specht
    Andreas Kaibel
    ICALT(2003), pp. 478