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Yaowu Xu


Dr. Yaowu Xu is currently the Engineering Lead of the video compression team at Google. His team is responsible for developing core video technology that enables a broad range of products and services at Google, such as YouTube, Hangouts, Daydream. His team has been the driving force behind open source video codec efforts of AV1 and VP9. Prior to joining Google, Dr. Xu was the Vice President of Codec Development at On2 Technologies, where he co-created On2's VPx series codecs including VP32, VP4, VP5, VP6, VP7 and VP8. Dr. Yaowu Xu's education background includes the BS degree in Physics, the MS and PhD degree in Nuclear Engineering from Tsinghua University at Beijing, China. He also holds the MS and PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Rochester. Dr. Xu has published many technical papers in the area of image processing on leading journals and international conferences. He also holds many patents and has numerous patent applications pending in the area of digital video compression. Dr. Xu's research and development experiences include digital video compression and processing, real time video encoding and decoding, mobile video, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. His current research focuses on advanced algorithms for digital video compression.

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