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Vijay Vusirikala


Vijay Vusirikala is currently Director, Network Architecture and Optical Engineering at Google. He is responsible for technology development, design, scaling and optimization of Google's inter-datacenter and user-facing networks. He and his team spurred a number of fundamental optical network innovations such as Open line systems, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), Subsea Open Cables, C+L band line systems, Zero-touch optical networking, and deployed them in a large scale production environment. Prior to Google, Vijay was Director of Marketing at Infinera where he worked with major global network operators to design and deploy PIC based digital optical networks. Prior to joining Infinera, he was at Motorola Access Networks as Director of Market Development for PON, DSL, and IPTV products. Earlier, he was with Sycamore Networks in senior system architecture and product management roles, where he defined architecture for reconfigurable optical networks, and integrated switching and transport systems. Vijay has published extensively and holds 15+ patents in optical components, system design and network architecture. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and executive forums. He received an MS in Physics and a Ph.D in EE with a focus on optoelectronic integration from the University of Maryland, College Park and a BSEE from IIT, Madras in India.

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