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Ankur Jain


Ankur Jain is a Distinguished Engineer and works in the Office of the CEO on cross-Google programs. His current areas of focus include 5G, Privacy.

Ankur was previously working on Google’s connectivity and communication products where he led the infrastructure teams running Fi, Loon, Station, RCS, Google Voice and CBRS-based shared networks and worked with some of the largest wireless operators globally in modernizing their networks. Before that he was instrumental in bringing software defined networking and disaggregation to Google’s edge network. He was one of the first engineers and later led Google’s content delivery network as it grew into the largest in the world, deployed by several hundred operators globally. He is currently on the Technical Leadership Team of Open Network Foundation bringing his experience in building and operating large-scale software-defined, automated, cloud-based networks to the open-source world.

Ankur holds a masters degree in computer science and engineering from University of Washington Seattle and a bachelors degree in the same from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has a few dozen patents and conference papers filed/granted/published. His closest shot at stardom though was when he went to Los Angeles in 2013 as part of the team that collected the 65th Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for YouTube; but a couple of years later he is still happily at Google.

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