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Andrew Widdowson


Andrew Widdowson is a Staff Software Engineer in Google's Site Reliability Engineering division, where he has an appointment as the "Lead for Engineering Culture." He is also an active member of the global incident response response team for Google's highest technical emergencies.
Previously, he specialized for 11 years in Google Search, for many of those years having lead Google's efforts to quantify and disincentivize robotic abuse of Search. Simultaneously, he co-lead Google's efforts to train new engineers on the scale and philosophy of Google's production environment for its first four years.
Andrew holds a BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, where he is also a lifelong volunteer, currently serving as a Director on the CMU Alumni Association Board. Previously, he was the chair of the CMU School of Computer Science Alumni Advisory Board, and was the "Lieutenant Commander of Data" for the Dean's Office of the School of Computer Science.

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