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Amir Yazdanbakhsh


Before joining the residency program, I had completed my PhD in computer architecture and systems at Georgia Institute of Technology. I have learned and intrigued by the program after attending one of the machine learning conferences and getting exposed to active research projects pursued by the AI residents at the time. Learning about the impacts, potentials, and possibilities of AI residency made me enthusiastic to apply for the program and join this intriguing adventure. During my time as an AI resident, I've had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research and collaborate with elite scholars and great mentors. My current research lies at the intersection of computer architecture and machine learning. I am interested in exploring the interplay between machine learning techniques and efficient computing system design. The AI residency program not only has helped me to further challenge my prior knowledge, but also has guided me to productively broaden my research horizon, strengthen my capacity to product high quality research, and explore effective solutions for real-world problems. The program is well organized and professionally designed with unparalleled opportunities allowing residents to focus on establishing a firm foundation in leading high-impact research, and yet flexible enough for anyone with any background to readily fit in. I couldn't be happier and more excited about being part of the program. I strongly recommend the Google AI residency to anyone who is interested in learning about machine learning and grow as an independent researcher.

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