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Chris Welty


Dr. Chris Welty is a Sr. Research Scientist at Google in New York. His main area of interest is the interaction between structured knowledge (e.g. knowledge graphs such as freebase), unstructured knowledge (e.g. natural language text), and human knowledge (e.g. crowdsourcing). His latest work focuses on understanding the continuous nature of truth in the presence of a diversity of perspectives, and he has been working with the google maps team to better understand user contributions that often disagree. He is most active in the Crowdsourcing and Human Computation community, as well as The Web Conf, AKBC, Information and Knowledge Management, and AAAI.

His first project at Google was launched as Explore in Google Docs, and then on improving the quality and expanding the coverage of price level labels on maps using user signals. Before Google, Dr. Welty was a member of the technical leadership team for IBM's Watson - the question answering computer that defeated the all-time best Jeopardy! champions in a widely televised contest. He appeared on the broadcast, discussing the technology behind Watson, as well as many articles in the popular and scientific press. His proudest moment was being interviewed for about the project. He is a recipient of the AAAI Feigenbaum Prize for his work.

Welty has played a seminal role in the development of the Semantic Web and Ontologies, and co-developed OntoClean, the first formal methodology for evaluating ontologies. He is on the editorial board of AI Magazine, the Journal of Applied Ontology, the Journal of Web Semantics, and the Semantic Web Journal. He is currently an editor for the AI Magazine column, "AI Bookies" to foster science bets on the progress of AI. He published many papers before those shown below, see his Google Scholar entry.

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