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Maggie Johnson


Maggie Johnson is VP of Education and University Programs for Google and COO for the Research PA. She manages all technical education, content development, and information management programs for Google engineers and operations staff, as well as Google’s K12 educational programs in STEM and computer science (CS). She also oversees University Relations, building strategic research partnerships with faculty and labs globally to expand and enhance Google’s R&D efforts. As COO for Research, Maggie manages strategy and operations to assure that all our teams have the support and infrastructure they need to do state-of-the-art research for Google.

Prior to Google, Maggie was teaching faculty and Director of Educational Affairs in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University where she was responsible for the Undergraduate and Masters programs in CS.

Maggie has a Bachelor’s and Masters in Early Music Performance and was a professional musician in NYC before she moved to CS, obtaining a Masters and PhD from New York University and City University of New York Graduate Center.

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