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Google Research Australia aims to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning, in areas such as Fundamental Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, and Systems Programming. We aim to apply our research in ways that benefit Australia, Google and global society.

Our mission at Google Research Australia is to contribute to fundamental advances in machine learning and computing, and apply those advances to drive significant benefits to our users.

We aim to leverage our research in Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Responsible AI and Systems Programming to create advances that can make Google products more powerful and efficient, as well as more inclusive and equitable. Impact in areas such as Climate Sciences and Health will benefit Australians and global citizens alike.

Our researchers extensively collaborate with researchers across the global Google Research organization and the broader academic community. We believe that sharing knowledge through scientific publications and partnering with the academic community will enhance the impact of our work.

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We believe open collaboration is essential for progress

We’re proud to work with academic and research institutions to push the boundaries of AI and computer science. Learn more about our student and faculty programs, as well as our global outreach initiatives.