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Working with your Data: Easier and More Fun

April 12, 2012

Posted by Rebecca Shapley, Fusion Tables Team

The Fusion Tables team has been a little quiet lately, but that’s just because we’ve been working hard on a whole bunch of new stuff that makes it easier to discover, manage and visualize data.

  • A new way to look at your Fusion Table - Try the “Experimental” version of our Fusion Tables web application. The new design helps you explore and collaborate better on data. Faceted search make it easier to dive into a big data set and specify what you want to see. Multiple tabs let you experiment, trying different views of a table. And the new card layout lets you give a row of data your own custom layout. Give it a spin.

  • More visualizations on lots of data - People love using Fusion Tables to put data on a map, but there are new visualizations available in our Experiment menu.Try the Zoomable Line chart. Playing with social network data? Try out the Network Graph visualization.

  • New Fusion Tables API works great with javascript - Our new API, currently available to trusted testers, is more powerful and easier to use. The API can now return data in JSON so it’s easy to get data and manipulate it with javascript, right from the browser. You can now also RESTfully modify tables, templates and map styles. Want to try it out early and give your feedback? We’re looking for Trusted Testers... just join this group to become one.

You’ll notice a bunch of our new things are “Experimental”....that’s because we need you to use them and tell us what you love and what could be better. But we didn’t want to keep them secret any longer! On behalf of the Fusion Table team, thanks for all you do with Fusion Tables, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.