Seattle conference on scalability

February 16, 2007

Posted by Amanda Camp, Software Engineer

We care a lot about scalability at Google. An algorithm that works only on a small scale doesn't cut it when we are talking global access, millions of people, millions of search queries. We think big and love to talk about big ideas, so we're planning our first ever conference on scalable systems. It will take place on June 23 at our Seattle office. Our goal: to create a collegial atmosphere for participants to brainstorm different ways to build the robust systems that can handle, literally, a world of information.

If you have a great new idea for handling a growing system or an innovative approach to scalability, we want to hear from you. Send a short note about who you are and a description of your 45-minute talk in 500 words or less to by Friday, April 20.

With your help, we can create an exciting event that brings together great people and ideas. (And by the way, we'll bring the food.) If you'd like to attend but not speak, we'll post registration details later.