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Research at Google on G+: Featuring Excellent Papers for 2011

June 4, 2012

Posted by Corinna Cortes, Google Research

In March, we announced on the blog our Excellent Papers for 2011. Chosen papers comprise a tiny fraction of our total publications and were selected for their outstanding contributions to a diverse range of disciplines across the computer science field. In the past, we have offered more detailed discussions of each featured paper in subsequent postings. We are pleased to be able to continue this tradition through our Research at Google page on G+, which we unveiled last month.

Just as our publications highlight technical and algorithmic advances, share lessons we’ve learned as we developed our products and services, and denote some of the technical challenges we face, our Research at Google G+ page will continue the communication in a format that is better for mutual interaction. Add Research at Google to your circles to learn more about our research agenda, technology behind products, and innovative developments across the broader academic and technical community.

This week, we picked up on our excellent papers recognition with a deep dive into Cascades of two-pole–two-zero asymmetric resonators are good models of peripheral auditory function, by Dick Lyon, Research Scientist. Tune into G+ regularly to learn more about the papers you’re most interested in.