Google Scribe: Now with automatic text for links and faster formatting options

May 26, 2011

Posted by Kartik Singh and Kuntal Loya, Google Scribe team

Since Google Scribe's first release on Google Labs last year, we have been poring over your feedback and busy adding the top features you asked for. Today, we're excited to announce a new version of Google Scribe that brings more features to word processing.

Besides formatting, Google Scribe provides features that help you author high quality documents quickly:
  1. Automatic text for links
    Adding a hyperlink to your document has been a two-step process of choosing the link and the text to display for it. Google Scribe now makes it easier. Just paste or type any link into your document and Google Scribe will set an appropriate link text.

  2. Smart toolbar
    Do you repeatedly spend time reaching out to the toolbar to format your document ? To speed-up formatting, Google Scribe now displays an abridged toolbar close-by when you select a portion of the document.

  3. Text completion in 12 languages
    Google Scribe auto-completes text as you type. In addition to saving keystrokes, the suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use. Google Scribe now auto-detects document language, so you no longer need to choose a language.

    You can view other applicable suggestions by clicking on the options button next to the Google Scribe icon and choosing “Show Multiple Suggestions”.

    We have extended auto-complete support to Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish in addition to English that we already supported.

  4. Correct your document as you type
    Google Scribe now has basic support for checking spelling, punctuation and phrases in your document. Google Scribe underlines incorrect usage and clicking on underlined words or phrases will display a menu of suggested corrections to choose from.

    We are continuously working on expanding the list of proofreading features. Stay tuned.
Try out the new Google Scribe at and let us know what you think.