2011 Google China Faculty Summit in Hangzhou

December 2, 2011

Posted by Aimin Zhu, University Relationship Manager, Google China

We just wrapped up a highly successful 2011 Google China Faculty Summit in Hangzhou, China. On November 17 and 18, Googlers from China and the U.S. gathered with more than 80 faculty members representing more than 45 universities and institutes, including Tsinghua University, Peking University and The Chinese Academy of Sciences. The two-day event revolved around the theme of “Communication, Exploration and Expansion,” with day one covering research and day two focusing on academic development.

The summit provided a unique setting for both sides to share the results of their research and exchange ideas. Speakers included:

  • Maggie Johnson, director of education and university relations at Google, presenting on innovation in Google research and global university relations programs,
  • Dr. Boon-Lock Yeo, head of engineering and research for Google China, providing an overview of innovation in China engineering and corporate social responsibility efforts and accomplishments, and
  • Prof. Edward Chang, director of research for Google China, delivering a keynote on mobile information management and retrieval.

The discussions on November 17 focused on two tracks, mobile computing and natural language processing, while discussions on November 18 focused on curriculum development with a special focus on Android app development. The attendees also spent time discussing joint research and development between universities and industry.

This summit is part of a continuing to effort to collaborate with Chinese universities in order to support education in China. Click here for a list of the variety of education programs we have launched there in recent years. We look forward to expanding partnership opportunities in the future.