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Claire Cui


Claire is currently a Google Fellow in the Google Brain team, leading a team of researchers to push the forefront of machine learning research and apply it to solve high-impact problems for improving people's life.

During her tenure at Google, Claire co-initiated and launched many successful and sustainable projects. She was a founding engineer for Google’s AdSense for Content product, which was one of the first products in Google that used machine learning technologies. She later helped co-found Google Health Research and Medical Brain to work on machine learning for improving people's health.

Claire’s current research interests are around Deep Generalist Learning, including
- Large Scale General Language Model (e.g., GLaM)
- Self-Supervised Multimodal Learning
- Universal Representation Learning
- Model Uncertainty and Interpretability

Claire has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and a bachelor of science degree in CS from Tsinghua University. She has two daughters, 16 and 12 yrs old. They share the love of playing volleyball as a hobby.

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