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Steve Gribble


Steve Gribble is a Distinguished Software Engineer and TLM at Google, where he builds host-side networking software and SDN systems that make Google’s planetary scale networks high-performance, available, debuggable, and safe to operate. In the past, Steve was a computer scientist and full professor in the University of Washington’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Steve had joined UW in November of 2000, after receiving his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley under Professor Eric Brewer.

Steve has co-founded two companies. In 2006, Steve co-founded SkyTap, which provides cloud-based software development, test, and deployment platforms. As well, in 1996 Steve co-founded ProxiNet, Inc., a company that built graphical web browsers for wireless Palm Pilot PDAs using scalable cloud infrastructure to optimize and render web content. ProxiNet was acquired by Pumatech in 1999.

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