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The Benefit of Temporally-Strong Labels in Audio Event Classification

Proceedings of ICASSP 2021 (2021)


To reveal the importance of temporal precision in ground truth audio event labels, we collected precise (∼0.1 sec resolution) “strong” labels for a portion of the AudioSet dataset. We devised a temporally strong evaluation set (including explicit negatives of varying difficulty) and a small strong-labeled training subset of 67k clips (compared to the original dataset’s 1.8M clips labeled at 10 sec resolution). We show that fine-tuning with a mix of weak- and strongly-labeled data can substantially improve classifier performance, even when evaluated using only the original weak labels. For a ResNet50 architecture, d' on the strong evaluation data including explicit negatives improves from 1.13 to 1.41. The new labels are available as an update to AudioSet.

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