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Evgeniy Gabrilovich


Dr. Evgeniy Gabrilovich is a principal research scientist / research director at Google Health, where he is leading the Public & Environmental Health Research team. Prior to that, he led teams working on health search, internationalization, and machine-learned epidemiology in Google Research. He also led the Knowledge Vault project, which focused on automatically mining the Web to discover new facts for the Knowledge Graph, and on estimating the trustworthiness of Web sources. Prior to joining Google in 2012, he was a director of research and head of the natural language processing and information retrieval group at Yahoo! Research. Evgeniy is an IEEE Fellow (2021), ACM Distinguished Scientist (2012), and is a recipient of the 2010 Karen Sparck Jones Award for his contributions to natural language processing and information retrieval. Evgeniy has served as a program chair for WSDM 2021, WWW 2017, and WSDM 2015. He earned his PhD degree in computer science from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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