Google Research

Adrien Baranes


Adrien is a User Experience (UX) and Research Engineer at Google Research. After Masters studies in Computer Science in Paris and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence focused on Cognitive Science, Intrinsic Motivations & Robotics, Adrien moved to New York City in 2012 to conduct Academic Research in Behavioral Psychology & Neuroscience at Columbia University. In 2015, he joined Google New York City (London in 2019) to drive strategic Equity-centered Design Research, experiential Prototyping & data-driven processes across Google’s Corporate Engineering and Physical Architecture teams. His projects span from quantifying and improving employee motivation & productivity, to ensuring that Google's physical and digital, AI-assisted collaborative spaces are equitable. With a scientific and design thinking mindset, he led a R+D lab to prototype and validate product ideas through clear protocols, stakeholders and community input. At Google Research, Adrien is focusing on Complex System Dynamics Simulations, User-Centered Research, Large Language Models and Data Privacy.

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