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Pradeep Shenoy


Pradeep Shenoy leads the Cognitive modeling & Machine Learning team at Google Research India, which aims to build expressive, robust ML systems, drawing functional and algorithmic inspiration from human cognition. Pradeep also works on modeling human behavior & cognition, with applications in personalization and human-AI interfaces. Recent work has focused on robust learning via instance reweighting, and its application to a range of problem settings in applied ML. Pradeep has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington & post-doctoral research experience at UC San Diego, where he worked in neuroengineering, computational neuroscience & cognitive science. He has previously led machine learning teams at Microsoft, developing and supporting large-scale production models that predict user behavior (clicks, conversions, audience segmentation, etc.) in sponsored search. Pradeep has also worked in various capacities at Microsoft Research, Fraunhofer Institute, and Lucent Bell Laboratories.

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