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The Taskmaster-2 dataset consists of 17,289 dialogs in seven domains: restaurants (3276), food ordering (1050), movies (3047), hotels (2355), flights (2481), music (1602), and sports (3478).

All dialogs in this dataset were collected using the same Wizard of Oz (WOz) system used in Taskmaster-1 where crowdsourced workers playing the "user" interacted with human operators playing the "digital assistant" using a web-based interface.

In this way, users were led to believe they were interacting with an automated system while it was in fact a human, allowing them to express their turns in natural ways but in the context of an automated interface. Similar to Taskmaster-1, we only annotate common conversational variables such as proper names, times, prices, quantities, etc.

See README File for more information.