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The MusicCaps dataset contains 5,521 music examples, each of which is labeled with an English aspect list and a free text caption written by musicians.

  • An aspect list is for example, "pop, tinny wide hi hats, mellow piano melody, high pitched female vocal melody, sustained pulsating synth lead".
  • The caption consists of multiple sentences about the music, e.g., "A low sounding male voice is rapping over a fast paced drums playing a reggaeton beat along with a bass. Something like a guitar is playing the melody along. This recording is of poor audio-quality. In the background a laughter can be noticed. This song may be playing in a bar." The text is solely focused on describing how the music sounds, not the metadata like the artist name.

The labeled examples are 10s music clips from the AudioSet dataset (2,858 from the eval and 2,663 from the train split). See the paper and dataset for more information.

Please cite the corresponding paper, when using this dataset: (DOI: 10.48550/arXiv.2301.11325)