Vocaine the Vocoder and Applications in Speech Synthesis

Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis
ICASSP, IEEE(2015) (to appear)
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Vocoders received renewed attention recently as basic components in speech synthesis applications such as voice transformation, voice conversion and statistical parametric speech synthesis. This paper presents a new vocoder synthesizer, referred to as Vocaine, that features a novel Amplitude Modulated-Frequency Modulated (AM-FM) speech model, a new way to synthesize non-stationary sinusoids using quadratic phase splines and a super fast cosine generator. Extensive evaluations are made against several state-ofthe-art methods in Copy-Synthesis and Text-To-Speech synthesis experiments. Vocaine matches or outperforms STRAIGHT in CopySynthesis experiments and outperforms our baseline real-time optimized Mixed-Excitation vocoder with the same computational cost. We report that Vocaine considerably improves our statistical TTS synthesizers and that our new statistical parametric synthesizer [1] matched the quality of our mature production Unit-Selection system with uncompressed waveforms.

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