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New Loss Functions for Fast Maximum Inner Product Search

ArXiv, ArXiv (2019)


Quantization based methods are popular for solving large scale maximum inner product search problems. However, in most traditional quantization works, the objective is to minimize the reconstruction error for datapoints to be searched. In this work, we focus directly on minimizing error in inner product approximation and derive a new class of quantization loss functions. One key aspect of the new loss functions is that we weight the error term based on the value of the inner product, giving more importance to pairs of queries and datapoints whose inner products are high. We provide theoretical grounding to the new quantization loss function, which is simple, intuitive and able to work with a variety of quantization techniques, including binary quantization and product quantization. We conduct experiments on standard benchmarking datasets to demonstrate that our method using the new objective outperforms other state-of-the-art methods.

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