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Recent Books and Journals Articles in Public Opinion, Survey Methods, Survey Statistics, and Big Data. 2016 Update

Survey Practice (2017)


Welcome to the 8th edition of this column on recent books and journal articles in the field of public opinion, survey methods, survey statistics, and Big Data. This year I officially added Big Data to the title as there is very strong interest on the topic and surveys and Big data are becoming more and more interrelated. This article is an update of the April 2015 article. Like the previous year, the books are organized by topic; this should help the readers to focus on their interests.

It is unlikely to list all new books in the field; I did my best scouting different resources and websites, but I take full responsibility for any omission. The list is also focusing only on books published in English language and available for purchase (as ebook or in print) at the time of this review (October 2016). Books are listed based on the relevance to the topic, and no judgment is made in terms of quality of the content. We let the readers do so.

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