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Open Access for Publications

May 29, 2013

Posted by Alfred Spector, Vice President, Engineering

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) recently announced a new option for publication rights management, wherein researchers can choose to pay for the public to have perpetual open access to the publication. Google applauds this new option, and today we are announcing that we will pay the open access fees for all articles by Google researchers that are published in ACM journals. IEEE also has an open access option for some of its publications, and we also pay the open access fee for them and for publications in like organizations.

Google has always believed that by improving access to the world’s knowledge, we can help improve everyone’s lives. When it comes to scientific research, we have consistently said that open access to publications speeds up research, accelerates innovation, and helps grow the global economy.

Policies like ACM’s continue to demonstrate the sustainability of open access publishing. It will also provide better access to the papers that we write at Google. We encourage researchers everywhere to pursue open access options whenever publishing articles, and to continue to make publications available as widely as possible, within your rights.