Making an Impact on a Thriving Speech Research Community

October 11, 2010

Posted by Vincent Vanhoucke, Google Research

While we continue to launch exciting new speech products--most recently Voice Actions and Google Search by Voice in Russian, Czech and Polish--we also strive to contribute to the academic research community by sharing both innovative techniques and experiences with large-scale systems.

This year’s gathering of the world’s experts in speech technology research, Interspeech 2010 in Makuhari, Japan, which Google co-sponsored, was a fantastic demonstration of the momentum of this community, driven by new challenges such as mobile voice communication, voice search, and the increasing international reach of speech technologies.

Googlers published papers that showcased the breadth and depth of our speech recognition research. Our work addresses both fundamental problems in acoustic and language modeling, as well as the practical issues of building scalable speech interfaces that real people use everyday to make their lives easier.

Here is a list of the papers presented by Googlers at the conference: