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Google at INFOCOM 2012

March 21, 2012

Posted by Emilie Danna, Google Research & Michal Segalov,Networking Software

The computer networking community will get together in Orlando, Florida the week of March 25th for INFOCOM 2012, the Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications.

At the conference, we will discuss topics such as traffic engineering, traffic anomaly detection, and random walk algorithms for topology-aware networks. We serve so much internet traffic to Google users and exchange so much data between our data centers that computer networking is naturally something we care about. As traffic grows with richer content (photos, video, ...), new modes of engagement (cloud computing, social networking, ...) and an increasing number of users, engineering and research efforts are necessary to help networks scale.

The following papers were co-authored by Googlers from offices around the world:

  • Near-optimal random walk sampling in distributed networks by Atish Das Sarma, Anisur Molla, and Gopal Pandurangan
  • How to split a flow by Tzvika Hartman, Avinatan Hassidim, Haim Kaplan, Danny Raz, and Michal Segalov
  • Upward max-min fairness by Emilie Danna, Avinatan Hassidim, Haim Kaplan, Alok Kumar, Yishay Mansour, Danny Raz, and Michal Segalov (runner up for best paper)
  • A practical algorithm for balancing the max-min fairness and throughput objectives in traffic engineering by Emilie Danna, Subhasree Mandal, and Arjun Singh
  • Traffic anomaly detection based on the IP size distribution by Fabio Soldo and Ahmed Metwally

If you are attending, stop by and say hi!