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We develop the methodology that informs the roadmap, architecture and design of all computer systems deployed in Google data centers, enabling efficient utilization of our software and hardware infrastructure.

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Our team guides the roadmap, architecture and design of Google’s global computer infrastructure. We bring together experts in computer architecture, machine learning, software systems, compilers and operating systems to define and build the next generation of technology that powers Google.

Our research encompasses the entire system stack, from distributed software and runtime systems to microarchitecture and circuits. We seek to propose new computing substrates and accelerators, build and optimize large-scale real-world systems, research techniques to maximize code efficiency and define new machine-learning-based systems and paradigms. Research and open-ended exploration are key aspects of our work and we seek to share this work externally with the broader research community. We publish at a wide array of conferences, including ISCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, NeurIPS, ICML and ICLR.

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