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Removing an object and its shadows from a photograph

Edward Zhang
Ricardo Martin-Brualla
Brian Curless
IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (2021)


Removing objects from images is an important problem for many applications, such as in mixed reality. For believable removals, the shadows that the object casts onto the scene should also be removed. Current inpainting-based methods for object removal do not consider shadows, or at best require manually adding shadow regions to the inpainting mask. We introduce a deep learning pipeline for removing a shadow along with its caster. We leverage rough scene models in order to remove a wide variety of shadows (hard or soft, dark or subtle, large or thin) from planar surfaces with a wide variety of surface textures. We train our pipeline on synthetically rendered data, and show qualitative and quantitative results on both synthetic and real scenes.

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