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Deep Implicit Volume Compression

Danhang "Danny" Tang
Phil Chou
Christian Haene
Mingsong Dou
Jonathan Taylor
Shahram Izadi
Sofien Bouaziz
Cem Keskin
CVPR (2020)
Google Scholar


We describe a novel approach for compressing truncated signed distance fields (TSDF) stored in voxel grids and their corresponding textures. To compress the TSDF our method relies on a block-based neural architecture trained end-to-end achieving state-of-the-art compression rates. To prevent topological errors we losslessly compress the signs of the TSDF which also as a side effect bounds the maximum reconstruction error by the voxel size. To compress the affiliated texture we designed a fast block-base charting and Morton packing technique generating a coherent image that can be efficiently compressed using existing image-based compression algorithms. We demonstrate the performance of our algorithms on a large set of 4D performance sequences captured using multi-camera RGBD setups.