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Sebastian Schaffert

Sebastian Schaffert

Sebastian Schaffert is leading the Gmail SRE team at Google in Zurich, Switzerland, responsible for the management of Gmail for more than 1 billion active users. He also has a background in research on Semantic Web, Databases and Reasoning, and is one of the main contributors to Apache Marmotta. He previously worked as Head of Knowledge and Media Technologies at Salzburg Research and as CTO of Redlink GmbH in Salzburg, Austria. Sebastian received a PhD from the University of Munich, Germany in 2004 in the area of Programming and Modelling Languages.
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    From Freebase to Wikidata: The Great Migration
    Thomas Pellissier Tanon
    Denny Vrandečić
    Lydia Pintscher
    World Wide Web Conference, ACM (2016)
    Preview abstract Collaborative knowledge bases that make their data freely available in a machine-readable form are central for the data strategy of many projects and organizations. The two major collaborative knowledge bases are Wikimedia’s Wikidata and Google’s Freebase. Due to the success of Wikidata, Google decided in 2014 to offer the content of Freebase to the Wikidata community. In this paper, we report on the ongoing transfer efforts and data mapping challenges, and provide an analysis of the effort so far. We describe the Primary Sources Tool, which aims to facilitate this and future data migrations. Throughout the migration, we have gained deep insights into both Wikidata and Freebase, and share and discuss detailed statistics on both knowledge bases. View details
    Semantic Wikis: Approaches, Applications, and Perspectives
    François Bry
    Denny Vrandecic
    Klara A. Weiand
    Reasoning Web (2012), pp. 329-369
    Adding wings to Red Bull media: search and display semantically enhanced video fragments
    Thomas Kurz
    Manuel Fernandez
    Georg Güntner
    Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW2012), ACM, Lyon, France
    Workshop on social web and knowledge management (SWKM2008)
    Peter Dolog
    Markus Krötzsch
    Denny Vrandecic
    WWW (2008), pp. 1279-1280
    Social Web and Knowledge Management
    Peter Dolog
    Markus Krötzsch
    Denny Vrandecic
    Weaving Services and People on the World Wide Web (2008), pp. 217-227
    Reasoning in Semantic Wikis
    Markus Krötzsch
    Denny Vrandecic
    Reasoning Web (2007), pp. 310-329
    Xcerpt: A Rule-based Query and Transformation Language for the Web
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of Munich (2004)
    Xcerpt and visXcerpt: from pattern-based to visual querying of XML and semistructured data
    Sacha Berger
    François Bry
    Christoph Wieser
    Proceeding VLDB '03 Proceedings of the 29th international conference on Very large data bases, ACM (2003)
    Towards a Declarative Query and Transformation Language for XML and Semistructured Data: Simulation Unification.
    François Bry
    Proceedings of International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP), Springer-Verlag (2002)