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Dmitry Lizorkin

Dmitry Lizorkin

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    Blognoon: Exploring a Topic in the Blogosphere
    Maria Grineva
    Maxim Grinev
    Alexander Boldakov
    Denis Turdakov
    Andrey Sysoe
    Alexander Kiyko
    WWW 2011, ACM, New York, NY, USA, pp. 213-216
    Preview abstract We demonstrate Blognoon, a semantic blog search engine with the focus on topic exploration and navigation. Blognoon provides concept search instead of traditional keywords search and improves ranking by identifying main topics of posts. It enhances navigation over the Blogosphere with faceted interfaces and recommendations. View details
    Sedna: native XML database management system (internals overview)
    Ilya Taranov
    Ivan Shcheklein
    Alexander Kalinin
    Leonid Novak
    Sergei Kuznetsov
    Roman Pastukhov
    Alexander Boldakov
    Denis Turdakov
    Konstantin Antipin
    Andrey Fomichev
    Peter Pleshachkov
    Pavel Velikhov
    Nikolai Zavaritski
    Maxim Grinev
    Maria Grineva
    Proc. of the 2010 int. conf. on Management of Data, ACM, New York, NY, USA, pp. 1037-1046