Lessons learned while protecting Gmail

March 29, 2016

Posted by Elie Bursztein - anti-abuse & security research, Nicolas Lidzborski - Gmail security engineering, and Vijay Eranti - Gmail anti-abuse engineering

Earlier this year in San Francisco, USENIX hosted their inaugural Enigma Conference, which focused on security, privacy and electronic crime through the lens of emerging threats and novel attacks. We were excited to help make this conference happen and to participate in it.

At the conference, we heard from a variety of terrific speakers including:
In addition, we were able to share the lessons we’ve learned about protecting Gmail users since it was launched over a decade ago. Those lessons are summarized in the infographic below (the talk slides are also available).
We were proud to sponsor this year's inaugural Enigma conference, and it is our hope that the core lessons that we have learned over the years can benefit other online products and services. We're looking forward to participating again next year when Enigma returns in 2017. We hope to see you there!