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We advance the state of the art in natural language technologies and build systems that learn to understand and generate language in context.

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Our team comprises multiple research groups working on a wide range of natural language understanding and generation projects. We pursue long-term research to develop novel capabilities that can address the needs of current and future Google products. We publish frequently and evaluate our methods on established scientific benchmarks (e.g., SQuAD, GLUE, SuperGlue) or develop new ones for measuring progress (e.g., Conceptual Captions, Natural Questions, TyDiQA). We collaborate with other teams across Google to deploy our research to the benefit of our users. Our product contributions often stretch the boundaries of what is technically possible. Applications of our research have resulted in better language capabilities across all major Google products.

Our researchers are experts in natural language processing and machine learning with varied backgrounds and a passion for language. Computer scientists and linguists work hand-in-hand to provide insight into ways to define language tasks, collect valuable data, and assist in enabling internationalization. Researchers and engineers work together to develop new neural network models that are sensitive to the nuances of language while taking advantage of the latest advances in specialized compute hardware (e.g., TPUs) to produce scalable solutions that can be used by billions of users.

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