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WMT23 Metrics shared task Submission: Quality Estimation using Minimum Bayes Risk

Subhajit Naskar
Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Machine Translation, Association for Computational Linguistics, Singapore (2023), pp. 806-811


This report describes the Minimum Bayes Risk Quality Estimation (MBR-QE) submission to the Workshop on Machine Translation's 2023 Metrics Shared Task. MBR decoding with neural utility metrics (BLEURT) are known to be very effective in generating high quality machine translations. We use the underlying assumption of MBR decoding and develop a MBR based reference-free quality estimation metric. Our method uses a evaluator machine translation system and a reference-based utility metric (BLEURT, MeticX) to calculate a quality estimation score of a model. We report results related to comparing different MBR configuration and utility metrics.

Research Areas