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VP Float: First Class Treatment for Variable Precision Floating Point Arithmetic - Poster

PACT 2020, ACM


Optimizing compilers for high performance computing only support IEEE 754 floating-point (FP) types and applications needing higher precision involve cumbersome memory management and calls to external libraries. We introduce an extension of the C type system to represent variable-precision FP arithmetic, supporting both static and dynamically variable precision. We design and implement a compilation flow bridging the abstraction gap between this type system and hardware FP instructions or software libraries. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution by enabling the full range of LLVM optimizations and leveraging two backend code generators: one for the ISA of a variable precision FP arithmetic coprocessor, and one for the MPFR multi-precision FP library. Both targets support the static and dynamically adaptable precision of our type system. On the PolyBench suite, our optimizing compilation flow targeting MPFR is shown to outperform the Boost programming interface for the MPFR library.

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