VideoPoet: A Large Language Model for Zero-Shot Video Generation

Dan Kondratyuk
Xiuye Gu
Grant Schindler
Rachel Hornung
Jimmy Yan
Ming-Chang Chiu
Hassan Akbari
Josh Dillon
Agrim Gupta
Meera Hahn
Anja Hauth
David Hendon
Alonso Martinez
Kihyuk Sohn
Xuan Yang
Huisheng Wang
Lu Jiang


We present VideoPoet, a language model capable of synthesizing high-quality video, with matching audio, from a large variety of conditioning signals. VideoPoet employs a decoder-only transformer architecture that processes multimodal inputs -- including images, videos, text, and audio. The training protocol follows that of Large Language Models (LLMs), consisting of two stages: pretraining and task-specific adaptation. During pretraining, VideoPoet incorporates a mixture of multimodal generative objectives within an autoregressive Transformer framework. The pretrained LLM serves as a foundation that can be adapted for a range of video generation tasks. We present empirical results demonstrating the model's state-of-the-art capabilities in zero-shot video generation, specifically highlighting VideoPoet's ability to generate high-fidelity motions. Project page:

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