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VideoCoCa: Video-Text Modeling with Zero-Shot Transfer from Contrastive Captioners

Tao Zhu
Zirui Wang
Mi Zhang
Soham Ghosh
Jiahui Yu
arxiv.org, Cornell University (2023)


We explore an efficient approach to establish a foundational video-text model. We present VideoCoCa that maximally reuses a pretrained image-text contrastive captioner (CoCa) model and adapt it to video-text tasks with minimal extra training. While previous works adapt image-text models with various cross-frame fusion modules, we find that the generative attentional pooling and contrastive attentional pooling layers in CoCa are instantly adaptable to flattened frame embeddings, yielding state-of-the-art results on zero-shot video classification and zero-shot text-to-video retrieval. Furthermore, we explore lightweight finetuning on top of VideoCoCa, and achieve strong results on video question-answering and video captioning.