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UnLoc: a unified framework for video localization tasks

Xuehan Xiong
Anurag Arnab
Zhonghao Wang
Weina Ge
International Conference on Computer Vision (2023)


We adapt large-scale image-text pretrained models such as CLIP for temporal localization tasks in untrimmed videos, which is still a relatively unexplored task. We do so by designing a new approach called UnLoc, which uses a pretrained image and text tower, and feeds tokens to a video-text fusion model. The output of the fusion module are then used to construct a feature pyramid in which each level connects to a head to predict a per-frame relevancy score and start/end time displacements. Unlike previous works, our architecture enables zero-shot Moment Retrieval, TAL and action segmentation with a single stage model, without the need for action proposals or representation masking. Unlike specialised models, we achieve state of the art results on three different localization tasks with a unified approach - in some cases outperforming previous works by large margins.