Toward Gender Equity Online: Research with the Next Billion Users

Nithya Sambasivan
Taylor Marable


The Internet is more affordable and accessible than ever before, but it is not gender equitable. Our report,“Toward Gender Equity Online,” highlights key actions to further the conversation toward a more equitable Internet. In this report, we present global research insights on the experiences of the next billion women online. Our research spans seven countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Our methodology involves interviews with 363 participants and surveys with 3,618 participants. Our respondents include people across the gender spectrum, including cisgender women and transgender women. We identify four core challenges to gender equity online: Access, Content & Community, Privacy, and Safety. We then offer recommendations for technology creators and the public to address these challenges, such as gathering metrics to understand gender gaps, conducting gender-focused research, and analyzing existing data with a gender lens.