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SunDew: Systematic Automated Security Testing

2020 IEEE 13th International Conference on Software Testing, Validation and Verification (ICST), IEEE, {3-3}


At Google, tens of thousands of security and robustness bugs have been found by fuzzing C and C++ libraries. The various aspects of the SunDew project, one of the projects working on automated scalable techniques related to fuzzing at Google, are presented: how to fuzz, what to fuzz, and how to deal with discovered bugs. First, a distributed fuzzing infrastructure is presented. It allows to cooperatively utilize multiple test generation techniques. Then, a system for automated fuzz driver generation, named FUDGE, is described, which automatically generates fuzz driver candidates for libraries based on existing client code. Running large-scale fuzzing services also causes lots of bugs and vulnerabilities to be reported. Various techniques are presented to provide feedback to developers to reduce the time a known security bug remains open. Finally, challenges and opportunities to incorporate security testing into the general software development workflow are highlighted.