SemWebVid - Making Video a First Class Semantic Web Citizen and a First Class Web Bourgeois

International Semantic Web Conference 2010 (ISWC2010)


SemWebVid is an online Ajax application that allows for the automatic generation of Resource Description Framework (RDF) video descriptions. These descriptions are based on two pillars: first, on a combination of user-generated metadata such as title, summary, and tags; and second, on closed captions which can be user-generated, or be auto-generated via speech recognition. The plaintext contents of both pillars are being analyzed using multiple Natural Language Processing (NLP) Web services in parallel whose results are then merged and where possible matched back to concepts in the sense of Linking Open Data (LOD). The final result is a deep-linkable RDF description of the video, and a “scroll-along” view of the video as an example of video visualization formats.