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RSSAC047 - RSSAC Advisory on Metrics for the DNS Root Servers and the Root Server System

Russ Mundy
Duane Wessels
Alejandro Acosta
Jaap Akkerhuis
Fred Baker
Ray Bellis
Kazunori Fujiwara
Paul Hoffman
Kevin L. Jones
Akira Kato
Warren Kumari
Matt Larson
Daniel Migault
Ken Renard
Shinta Sato
Ryan Stephenson
Robert Story
Kevin Wright
Zhiwei Yan
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (2020), pp. 31


In this report, the RSSAC: • Defines measurements, metrics, and thresholds that root server operators (RSOs) meet to provide a minimum level of performance. The thresholds are based on technical metrics designed to assess the performance, availability, and quality of service that each root server identifier (RSI) provides. The thresholds and the metrics on which they are based are included as the RSSAC’s input to a yet-to-be defined evaluation process for future RSOs. • Defines system-wide, externally verifiable metrics and thresholds which demonstrate that the root server system (RSS) as a whole is online and serving correct and timely responses. The metrics described in this report are based on the current awareness of, experience with, and understanding of the root servers and RSS. In the future, different metrics may be required to better understand the RSS and quantify performance, availability, and quality of service. As the metrics and this document are revised, current and future RSOs may have to adapt their architectures over time to meet the changing needs of the RSS.